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  802.11b/g 2.4G Wireless Router with Detachable Antenna


This Wireless Broadband Router is a cost-effective IP Sharing Router that enables multiple users to share the Internet through an ADSL or cable modem. The Wireless Broadband Router is embedded with a IEEE 802.11b/g access point that allows you to build up a wireless LAN. With the support of new emerged 802.11g standard, the access point provides data transfer of up to 54Mbps, up to 5 times faster than 802.11b, it is backwards compatible with existing 802.11b infrastructure while migrating to the new screaming fast 802.11g, up to 100 meters indoor, and 300meters outdoor.


● Complies with IEEE802.11b and 802.11g standard for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN
● Marvell Chipset
● 128-Bit WEP, WPA, WPA2
● 1 10/100Mbps auto-sense WAN port, which could be connected with all kinds of Internet access equipments (xDSL/Cable Modem, Hub, Switch, etc)
● With 4*10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Ports
● Supports various Internet connecting modes: PPPoE, DHCP Client and static IP
● Supports UPnP, Windows XP can discover the device in the network automatically
● NAT (Network Address Transfer) technology not only provides Internet access sharing, but also protects internal sources
● Supports Proxy DNS
● Supports WDS and WDS+AP function
● Supports Repeater function
● WAN interface supports DHCP client capability
● LAN interface supports DHCP Server, and facilitates fast configuration of the LAN PCs and Internet access
● Supports VPN pass through PPTP
● All ports support Auto MDI/MDIX
● Supports one software upgrading modes: local upgrading mode based on local file system