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DMI-A1 Series
1 port Industrial Serial to Ethernet Device Server

-10~60°CDevice Server



DMI-A1 Series is a one serial port to one Ethernet port industrial serial device server, which is a cost effective and reliable solution for bridging your serial based equipment to Fast Ethernet networks. DMI-A1 Series can transfer serial data through TCP/IP, control remote serial devices with security, thus maximizing managerial efficiency. The serial port supports RS-232/422/485 or isolated RS-422/485, and the LAN port supports 10/100Base-TX or 100Base fiber optics.

Product Information


● Flexible Serial Interface- RS-232/422/485 or RS-422/485
● Isolation- 2KV isolated RS-422/485
● Fiber Option- Support single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics
● Flexible Power Input- Including both terminal block and DC jack with latch secures a stable connection
● Flexible Installation Method- Aluminum housing with wall and DIN-Rail mounting
● Port Buffering- 64KB port buffer prevents data loss when connection fails
● Warning- Inform user by relay output and E-mail in case of disconnection
● Multiple Operation Mode- Support Real COM, TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Pair Connection




Serial Port: Input:
● Interface: RS-232/422/485 ● Input Voltage: 12 to 32VDC (Terminal Block); 12VDC (DC Jack)
● Connector: Power Consumption:
DB9 for RS-232/422/485 ● 2.88W Max. 0.24A@12VDC, 0.12A@24VDC
Terminal Block for RS-422/485 Connector:
● Line Protection: 15KV ESD ● Terminal Block or DC Jack with latch
● Isolation: 2KV


Serial Communication Parameters: Casing:
● Parity: None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark ● Aluminum case
● Data Bits: 5, 6, 7, 8 Dimensions:
● Stop Bit: 1, 1.5, 2 ● 70mm (W) x 110mm (D) x 30 mm(H)
● Flow Control: RTS/CTS, Xon/Xoff ● (2.76” (W) x 4.33” (D) x 1.18” (H))
● Speed: 50 bps to 921.6 Kbps Weight:
Ethernet Switch Port: ● 0.25kg (0.55 lb)
● Interface: 10/100Base-TX, 100Base-FX Installation:
● Connector: RJ45 (10/100Base-TX), SC, ST type (100Base-FX) ● DIN-Rail, Wall Mounting
● Isolation: Built-in 1.5KV magnetic isolation


Protocols: Operating Temperature:
● ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP client, BOOTP Telnet, Rtelnet, DNS, SNMPv2, HTTP, SSH, Reverse SSH, SMTP, SNTP, ARP, RARP, RFC2217 ● -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
Operation mode: Storage Temperature:
● Real COM, TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Pair Connection ● -20℃ to 85℃ (-4°F to 185°F)
OS Driver Support: Ambient Relative Humidity:
● Windows 2000/XP/2003 COM driver ● 5% to 95% non-condensing

Regulatory Approvals

● Web, Telnet console, SNMP Emission Compliance:
Port Buffer: ● CE Mark Class A, FCC Part 15 Class A, VCCI Class A
● 64K Bytes
Order Information
DMI-A1101 1* RS-232/422/485 to 1* 10/100TX Serial Device Server
DMI-A1101-M-SC 1* RS-232/422/485 to 1*100FX(multi mode;SC;2Km) Serial Device Server
DMI-A1110 1*isolated RS-422/485 to 1*10/100TX Serial Device Server
DMI-A1110-M-SC 1* isolated RS-422/485 to 1*100FX(multi mode;SC;2Km) Serial Device Server
Type of 100Base-FX:
Designation Typical Distance Nominal Wavelength Cable Type Connector Power Budget
100Base-FX 2 Km 1310 nm 62.5/125 MM ST 15 dB
100Base-FX 2 Km 1310 nm 62.5/125 MM SC 15 dB
100Base-FX 20 Km 1310 nm 10/125 SM ST 19 dB
100Base-FX 20 Km 1310 nm 10/125 SM SC 19 dB
100Base-FX 40 Km 1310 nm 10/125 SM ST 30 dB
100Base-FX 40 Km 1310 nm 10/125 SM SC 30 dB
MM: Multi mode
SM: Single mode
Installation: DIN Rail (mounting kit is included)
Power Connector: Terminal Block